Interbase Router Admin Login Password Change

Interbase Router admin Setup: Interbase is a Database management company and many people would assume that they only run databases all across the world. But they also have a good lineup of routers that have been available over the period of time in certain eastern countries alone but they have been worth the price and value since users have been avidly using them with rave reviews all across the web.

In this article, we will be going over one of their basic models to show you how the configuration and routing process goes on, since they do have a different IP address and also an interface which is quite similar to many other router brands as well.

Interbase Router Admin Login Password Change
Interbase Router Admin Login Password Change

How to Configure Interbase Router –  Interbase Router Setup Process

There are quite a few models under this brand that I would assume you might have one of them and you can start with the instructions from the below.

  • Step 1: The Internal IP address for this router brand is Enter or type the IP in your address bar of the browser and click either on enter or on go button Admin Login Admin Login
  • Step 2: Now we have to enter the login information into the login popup that has appeared on the same tab here. For the Username, enter “SYSDBA” and then for the Password enter “masterkey” and then click on the login button to continue
Interbase Router Username & Password
Interbase Router Username & Password

These two steps will get you access to the Interbase router admin panel and now we will head towards the internal configuration for the router.

  • Step 3: We have to click on the Wireless section and then go to the Basic, then make the changes as shown below.
    • Check the “Enable Wireless” option and this will enable the wireless connection
    • Then check the “Enable Wireless Multicast Forwarding (WMP)
    • SSID: Here you can enter a name for your router’s network
    • Country: You have to select your country from here
    • Max Clients: Select the max number of clients or the users that you want to have connected at once.
    • Once the settings are done, click on the Apply\Save button and it will save the changes made.
Interbase Router Basic settings
Interbase Router Basic settings
  • Step 4: Now under the same Wireless section, go to the “Advanced” and make sure the below said settings are done.
    • Band: 2.4GHz
    • Channel: Auto
    • 802.11n Rmax: Auto and other settings should be as they are, then click on Apply\Save to make the changes.
Interbase Router Wireless Settings
Interbase Router Wireless Settings
  • Step 5: Now head towards the security settings from the Wireless section and make the changes as below instructions.
    • Enable WPS: Disabled
    • Select SSID: You have to select the “SSID” which we have setup in the above steps
    • Network Authentication: Here you will select:WPA2-PSK” option
    • WPA/WAPI Passphrase: Enter the password
    • Then the remaining options will be the same and then click on the Apply/Save button and the security changes will be made.
Interbase Router WAP Settings
Interbase Router WAP Settings

Now we have quite easily setup the Interbase router, and you can do the same by going over the instructions from above to configure the Interbase router.

Default Username and Password for Interbase Router Admin Login Password Change

  1. What is the Default IP for Interbase Router Admin Login?

    The Interbase Router has defined their Wifi Interbase Router Default Login IP address to login the admin panel, and they have maintained the default IP at their user manuals along with stick a label on the Interbase Router.

  2. What is the Default Username for Interbase Router Admin Login?

    The default admin username may be created by the admin, and the Interbase Router Admin Username is ‘SYSDBA’ for logging into the Interbase Router Admin Panel.

  3. What is the Default Password for Interbase Router Admin Login?

    The default admin Password may be created by the admin, and the Interbase Router Admin password is ‘masterkey’ for logging into the Interbase Router Admin Panel.

  4. How do I change/Reset the admin username or password of Interbase Router device?

    If the administrator password is lost or forgotten, the only method to get access to the web management system is to reset the Interbase Router configuration to factory defaults. Users can press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds to reset the password.