Inchon Router Admin Login Password

Inchon Router admin Setup: Do you like to use a robust router to have great speed performance and also effective usage of bandwidth then using the Inchon router is the best option for you. They might not be one of the best industry-oriented router brands but they are still worth the dime due to their dual gain bandwidth feature that is really flexible to use and has increased sales a lot for that reason alone.

One of the aspects has been that they have not released many products that were a part of their robust product building strategy that is sure has taken a revamp. We will be discussing the configuration for the Inchon router that you might need today. Inchon Admin Login Password Change Inchon Admin Login Password Change

How to configure Inchon Router Setup

Inchon Router Configuration Guide

Inchon router has a quite simple interface that would come in handy while configuring the router precisely and we are going to look into how it’s done here.

  • Step 1: The internal IP address for this service is, which you have to enter into the address bar of the browser and click enter Inchon Router Admin Login Inchon Router Admin Login
  • Step 2: Now a popup will appear asking to login with your username and password, then remember both the details are “admin” only and enter them. Then click on the login button at the bottom to continue.
  • Step 3: We will wait for 1 minute or so because the admin panel will start loading here and once it is loaded, we can start working on the configuration.

Let us move towards the internal configuration and settings of the router below.

  • Step 4: Then we have to go to “Wireless” on the top from the menu section and then select “Basic” from the left sidebar and make the below basic settings.
    • Enable Wireless: Check the option here
    • Mode: 802.11BGN, from the drop-down menu
    • Band Width: Select 20/40 MHZ from the drop-down menu
    • Rate: Auto to be selected, Mbps
    • Power: Select 100% here
    • Current Country: You need to select your country from here
    • Channel: Select 11 from the drop-down menu and then click on the submit button for changes to be saved.
Inchon Router Wireless
Inchon Router Wireless Settings
  • Step 5: Now go to “SSID” and here you have to select the first “SSID” and then change the name by clicking on the edit button. This is the router name which will be shown while searching online. Then click on the Save button at the bottom and the settings for SSID will be saved.
 Inchon Router SSID Configuration
Inchon Router SSID Configuration
  • Step 6: Now go to the “Advanced” option and then we have to make the below said configurations and settings.
    • Beacon Interval: This should be 100
    • RTS/CTS Threshold: This will automatically update itself
    • Fragment Length: This will also automatically update itself
    • DTM: Here you have to enter 1 and then click on the submit button for one final time which will save the settings you have made.
  Inchon Router Advanced Settings
Inchon Router Advanced Settings

Thanks for reading this guide about the configuration process about the Inchon router and you can now get access to a wireless connection as well.

  1. What is the Default IP for F5 Inchon Router Admin Login?

    The Inchon Router has defined their Wifi Inchon Router Default Login IP address to login the admin panel, and they have maintained the default IP at their user manuals along with stick a label on the Inchon Router.

  2. What is the Default Username for Inchon Router Admin Login?

    The default admin username may be created by the admin, and the Inchon Router Admin Username is ‘admin’ for logging into the Inchon Router Admin Panel.

  3. What is the Default Password for Inchon Router Admin Login?

    The Inchon Router Admin password is ‘blank’ for entering into the Inchon Router Admin Panel, and the default admin password can be changed by admin.

  4. How do I change/Reset the admin username or password of Inchon Router device?

    If the administrator password is lost or forgotten, the only method to get access to the web management system is to reset the Inchon Router configuration to factory defaults. Users can press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds to reset the password.