Wireless Router Setting and connection wizard Wireless Router Setting for Admin login Password with complete setup for Router IP Password….

As you know that all major company routers such as D-Link and Netgear routers contain IP address it is also called as default gateway address, this IP address is for the variety of routers like even Netgear. This default address can be changed using network management console or routers web based interference. is a private IPV4 network address.  The network management console or router web page can be accessed through the browser by searching (is a private IP address) in the search bar.

This can be used whenever a user gets any problem. The system may be computer or phone, A default gateway can be set up using the home-use router, by browsing user can solve any issues.

It is the only equipment that can solve any related problems without making any address conflicts.

Why I can’t get access to

If you want to access your router then first check whether your system is set to To checking your computer  open CMD and type ipconfig/all or use ping

After checking your computer even it doesn’t display login window then it is because of the firewall or may be network port is not specified. Wireless Router Setting

Ping is the command key in a computer to test the IP address and fastness of the network. When you enter ping in run command window then it is that network disconnected or packets are losing. It also counters that computer can’t connect to the router.


  1. You may have confused in seeing 192.168.o.1 as
  2. The router may be off.
  3. In firewall settings may be set ICMP packet switching

If user recieves some bytes then user is connected to network and may able to connect to wireless router. The next step is to try to browse in the browser address bar.

Although now a days laptops and palmtops are increasing and wifi better which reduces network trafficking many new to this don’t know how to use it. So, below a brief description is given how to use set up a router: Wireless router parameter settings

Use a cable to connect the router to the computer even though it can be connected to the computer wireless. Now open the browser and type in the browser address bar then you enter into the login page. Generally, the username and password are ‘admin’  as you can refer to from the manual.

After when you get logged then a page setup wizard appears by default and now u change Internet way. Generally, ADSL users choose PPPoE. If you don’t know then set it to automatic and click next. Now type the username and password that the network provider has given. Click next after you finish.

  • After setup is complete restart router

Next goes the wireless settings. Here we give SSID name i.e name of router which we see in network search.

The remaining settings are default computer settings so, don’t try to change.

Go to network security settings and set network password so network Rubbing is not done.

As stated above steps now you know how to use a wireless router and this point router settings completed.

  • Search wireless signals to connect Internet

First go to network search and type the SSID name you have given to router and now u see that getting details. After it asks the password, type the password you have given earlier. After watching a little longer system will be connected to the router and now user is connected to Internet.

  • password reset:

If we encounter password failure off the router an6 then take needle and press into the hole at back of router’s. router settings

After preparation work is done now enter on the computer browser. Press user name and password initially it would be admin. Now you can click next after login and restart the router. Now the settings are completed.

  1. What is the Default IP for Wireless Router Admin Login?

    The Wireless Router has designated as their Wifi Wireless Router Default Login IP address for accessing the admin panel, and they have kept the default IP in their user guides and on the Wireless Router.

  2. What is the Default Username for Wireless Router Admin Login?

    The Wireless Router Admin Username is ‘admin’ for entering into the Wireless Router Admin Panel, and the default admin username can be changed by the admin.

  3. What is the Default Password for Wireless Router Admin Login?

    The Wireless Router Admin password is ‘admin’ for entering into the Wireless Router Admin Panel, and the default admin password can be changed by admin.

  4. How do I configuration of Wireless Router device?

    If the administrator password is lost or forgotten, the only method to get access to the web management system is to reset the Wireless Router configuration to factory defaults. Users can press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds to reset the password.